Why Chilly Labs?


We believe that CBD doesn't have to be so expensive, and pass the savings on to the consumer.

Lab Tested

By openly posting our cannabinoid potency results, you can be confident in the quality of the product you receive.


What more can we say? CBD is an extremely powerful compound and our Full Spectrum tinctures deliver.

Greg Lasher


Hey! My name is Greg and I'm the founder of Chilly Labs. In 2019, after searching for a solution to some pretty intense neck pain and anxiety, I realized that there was nothing in the CBD market that was in my price range. Instead of giving up, I started making tinctures at home, for myself, and realized that I could make affordable CBD for everyone! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out by clicking the email link below!

What customers say

Stephanie M

Verified Owner

"I use cbd for anxiety and I use this to help me sleep at night because my job is stressful. I love this stuff and before I was paying through the nose!... I used a ton of this to help me sleep through most of my sickness with Covid and I have to say it made being sick a lot less awful!"

Jenna L

Verified Owner

"Absolutely LOVE this product!...This helps me so much! I even got my boyfriend to try it for when he has an upset stomach (he is lactose intolerant and has many other food allergies) and it is the best, natural product either of us have used for this purpose. I have also received incredible customer service through every step of the buying process."

Sean B

Verified Owner

"This was my first foray into CBD only products having been a heavy THC user, I was skeptical at first but within 30 minutes of taking this, my anxiety levels were reduced and my sleep has improved greatly, customer service is also extremely proactive and friendly."