Why Chilly Labs?

High Quality CBD at a reasonable price. That's why.


Take a look at any other CBD brand. Expensive, huh? We don't take giant profits (like the other guys) and pass the savings on to you!

3rd-Party Lab Tested

We are passionate about providing our customers with a product that has been independently verified to contain the exact amount of CBD as advertised.


What a powerful compound from a individually powerful plant. What more can we say?


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What our customers say...

Thomas K.

"Got my order man. Thanks again this stuff helps me so much it’s crazy. Just know you’re helping people."

Sean B.

"This was my first foray into CBD only products having been a heavy THC user, I was skeptical at first but within 30 minutes of taking this, my anxiety levels were reduced and my sleep has improved greatly, customer service is also extremely proactive and friendly."

Jeremy E.

"Tried it because this election has been killing me and I feel...It's hard to explain. At peace?...Peace is what I have needed for a long time."